We believe in building green without wasting green.  While green building is important to our clients, we know what matters most is a functional, practical and economical space.  Usually that’s inherently a sustainable space.  We’ll review with you the options available to minimize your environmental and financial impact including mechanicals, insulation, lighting, finishes, roofing, and alternative resources and materials.

Our LEED accredited professionals excel in designing environmentally conscious, cost-effective, energy efficient buildings.  Further, as an EnergySTAR Partner, we can help your organization earn your EnergySTAR rating.  Our services include a free Energy Assessment Survey and free Roof Inspection.

Our free energy assessment includes:

  • Full analysis of your existing building’s energy consumption for gas and electric  
  • A detailed report on how your buildings energy consumption compares to the Energy Star standard
  • Examination of what rebates and incentives are available for your building 
  • Suggested modifications that will offer measurable savings and fast paybacks designed to reduce monthly energy costs


Our free roof inspection includes:

  • Visual examination of the roof system, flashings, drains and gutters 
  • Evaluation of conditions that might affect the long-term performance of the roof system
  • Documentation of deficiencies requiring prompt action
  • Based on inspection, re-roof options that will offer fast paybacks, be extremely durable and reduce monthly energy costs 


Additionally, we partner with companies that offer environmentally-friendly materials, products and systems designed to make your building more efficient, including but not limited to: