Sustainable Building

We believe in building green without wasting green. We know what matters most to our clients is a functional, practical and economical space. Fortunately, those attributes are inherently sustainable. Our design/build process always includes a thorough review of options available to minimize environmental and financial impact including mechanicals, insulation, lighting, finishes and roofing, as well as the use of alternative resources and materials.

Our LEED-accredited professionals excel in designing environmentally conscious, cost-effective, energy-efficient buildings. Further, as an EnergySTAR Partner, we can help clients earn their EnergySTAR rating. Our services include a free energy assessment survey, free roof inspection and Total Cost of Ownership analysis using our exclusive SmartView program.

Additionally, we partner with companies that offer environmentally-friendly materials, products and systems designed to make your building more efficient, including but not limited to:

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