Team Members

Matthew Mehring


Matt Mehring literally grew up wearing a hard hat. While many little kids love to play with trucks and tools, Matt was on job sites with his dad – whose business was once a sub-contractor for Anderson Ashton. He joined Anderson Ashton soon after graduating from MSOE in 2004 and moved through the ranks, becoming the firm’s president in 2017. While his team likes to say Matt gives 120 percent to everything at the office, it does not come at the expense of fulfilling his favorite role – Dad – for play time, cub scouts and family fun. 

James K. Filer

Vice President

With a love of construction and problem solving in his blood, Jim Filer joined Anderson Ashton in 1994 and took over the role of lead construction manager from his father and previous company owner Jim Filer Sr. He thrives on being the “buck stops here” person in the field with the ultimate responsibility to deliver a successful, timely, well-built and well-designed project. In addition, he cites getting to know clients personally as one of the most rewarding aspects of his job. When it comes to landmarks, Jim loves almost any historical building – from an old Victorian home to a deserted downtown storefront – appreciating the materials, details and methods used and imagining how such fantastic buildings came to life without today’s tools. When Jim’s not working, he’s all about fishing.

Brian Fisher

Vice President of Operations

Brian has been with Anderson Ashton for nearly all his 25 years in the industry. Having started off as an architect, he quickly realized designing to a budget was best achieved by having the builders themselves be your teammates and trusted colleagues. While the industry and his position has evolved, what hasn’t changed is his interest in getting to know clients, their needs and their expectations. He sees meeting those needs and managing those expectations as the most challenging and rewarding aspect of his job. Brian credits his early fascination with Frank Lloyd Wright – thanks in large part to his grandmother and solidified by visiting Wright’s iconic Taliesin East in Spring Green, Wisconsin – for his decision to become an architect. When not at work Brian might be found trying to keep up with his wife and other family members in pursuit of fun and fitness.

Bill Matthews

Senior Project Manager

With four decades of experience, Bill Matthews has been with Anderson Ashton since 1984. In short, his favorite aspect of his work is helping people make their dreams come true. The sheer difficulty of construction is what makes the Washington Monument one of his favorite landmarks. Outside of work, this avid billiards player loves spending time with his family.

Rob Sterr

Project Manager

Rob Sterr relishes the idea of taking a bare piece of land and constructing a building on it, literally turning nothing into something. After more than 15 years in the industry, he joined Anderson Ashton in 2017. He believes people are at the heart of every successful project – the teamwork and interaction, as well as the ability to take what’s in a client’s imagination, bring it to life and put a smile on their face. He cites the church he attended growing up, St. John’s Lutheran in Ashippun, Wisconsin, as his favorite building, having always been fascinated by its timber and masonry construction. His other favorite things include being outdoors and spending time with his kids.

Jim Henne

Controller/Butler Building Estimator

Nearly all of Jim Henne’s 40-plus years of industry experience have been with Anderson Ashton. He loves working with his colleagues to see a project through from concept to completion and enjoys that his position allows him to be involved in many different aspects of the company. Jim has always appreciated seeing construction projects develop and knew he wanted to be a part of the process of bringing built environments to life. His favorite building is the Empire State Building, not only for its architectural significance but also for the story behind why and how it was built. A family guy at heart, Jim’s favorite times are those spent with his children and grandchildren. 

Steven Wagner

Architect and Director of Design

With nearly 25 years of industry experience, Steven Wagner has been with Anderson Ashton since 2007. He thrives on being a creative problem solver and a conscientious contributor to the built environment and counts team collaboration and delivering for clients as the most rewarding part of his day. With a keen eye for design, Steven is fascinated by the mystery of sound and architectural acoustics. As such he counts such acoustical gems as the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall Symphony Hall in Boston among his favorite masterpieces. Outside of work, Steven loves taking long walks with his wife and his dog and enjoying art and music.

Jordan William Nelson


Seeing how the power of the built environment impacts human interaction is at the core of Jordan Nelson’s ambition as a designer. He joined Anderson Ashton in 2018 and arrives at work each day imagining possibilities, thinking forward about inventive architecture and creatively solving problems. Prior to joining Anderson Ashton, Jordan worked for the Chipstone Foundation at the Milwaukee Art Museum as a designer and woodworker. He says his grandparent’s barn is one of his favorite buildings because it reminds him of the people who have come before and all the work and energy that defined such a simple yet intricate structure tied to a specific time and place. Jordan says connection to nature is a necessary piece of his identity and as such spends his free time outside hiking, fishing and sporting.

Uriel Hernandez

Architectural Intern

Aspiring architect Uriel Hernandez joined the Anderson Ashton team in 2017 and thrives on gaining experience helping to make dreams a reality for clients. One of his favorite architectural landmarks is Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia, not as much for its impressive stature as for the thought and details that were given to its design. When the work day is done, Uriel can usually be found hanging out with his brothers or friends.

Nadine Love-Filer

Senior Structural Engineer & President A&A Erecting Co. Inc.

With nearly 35 years of industry experience, Nadine Love-Filer has been with Anderson Ashton since 1995. A proud woman in an industry still primarily dominated by men, Nadine’s favorite part of her job is the critical interactions with different clients and colleagues to make a project a reality. While engineering is an important part of her role, she thrives on the diversity of the day-to-day duties that come with running a company. She cites the original World Trade Center as one of her favorite architectural marvels and recalls feeling a strong sense of solidarity with its engineers at the devastation they must have felt when the towers collapsed. Outside of work, you’ll find Nadine showing or trialing with her dogs.

Amber Campbell

Office Manager

Amber Campbell is the friendly voice you hear when you call our office and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in her daily duties keeping things firing on all cylinders. She’s been with Anderson Ashton for nearly 20 years and says she still learns something new in the world of construction every day. When not busy doing payroll and handling insurance duties at the office, you'll find Amber busy with her son’s after-school activities, as well as traveling, painting and reading.

Curtis Strnad

Construction Manager

Simply put, Curtis Strnad likes to build buildings. As he works, he’s always mindful the client is making a significant investment and it’s his responsibility to make sure they get a building they deserve with respect to quality and longevity. Curtis joined Anderson Ashton in 2016 with a decade of industry experience. While he counts relationships with teammates, colleagues and clients as the best part of his job, he always looks forward to heading home to see his boy after work. Curtis names Miller Park as one of his favorite construction projects because it allows him to enjoy a baseball game regardless of the weather. 

Daniel Claude

Construction Manager

Daniel Claude joined Anderson Ashton in 2019 and brought more than 25 years of experience to our team. He takes pride in working with a group of people who are committed to providing a top quality project and excellent client service and results. Daniel spent his high school years doing concrete and carpentry and that’s been his passion ever since. An avid hunter and fisherman, he’s a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and old buildings with great attention to detail.

Jeff Piskula

Superintendent - A & A Erecting, Inc.

“Jim Filer, Sr. talked me into it when I was 20,” is how Jeff Piskula describes his start at Anderson Ashton back in 1987. More than three decades later, Jeff’s favorite part of his job is working to come up with creative solutions to challenges. He adheres to a philosophy of taking no shortcuts and doing a job right the first time. Jeff’s favorite incredible architectural feat is the Hoover Dam, and he enjoys traveling and working on projects with his kids.

Rodger Feldmann

Superintendent - Concrete & Masonry, Inc.

One of Anderson Ashton’s resident “lifers,” Rodger Feldmann has been an integral part of the team since 1978. With significant experience in footing and foundations, pouring concrete floors and building masonry walls, he leads field operations, coordinates staffing and scheduling, and provides technical direction and quality control. Rodger credits good preparation for the gratification of seeing things come together as planned on a project. When the work day is done, this fan of the Milwaukee Art Museum enjoys doing anything and everything with his grandchildren.