Rain Gardens

The new "Annex" to Self Storage of Brookfield on Pheasant Drive in Brookfield will be the recipient of a rain garden that will look similar to what is shown below.  

Rain Gardens are an attractive and effective solution to an managing storm water for new construction especially if the storage is best located at the front of a new building or development like that of the Self Storage of Brookfield "Annex" project.  

Improving Profitability through Sustainability

Going Green Without Wasting Green

Survey's taken of local executives and facility managers have found that many are interested in the idea of being "sustainable" or "green" but they are not interested in spending a lot to obtain those benefits. Many ideas offered up by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) while inspired, are often far fetched and usually priced beyond the limits of those companies looking for the "Green" edge.  

Pole Position Raceway Under "Yellow"

— excerpts from a Jane Ford-Stewart article in the June 24th Waukesha addition of JS Online. 

Pole Position Raceway, which has a dozen similar facilities elsewhere across the country, plans to offer what it calls high-performance racing, with electric go-karts that reach top speeds of 45 mph. The raceway would have two tracks that can be changed to vary the race design for racers from 12 to 65 years old. The tracks can also could be combined into one large track.

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