The Best Building Solutions Continue To Point Towards Systems Construction

The evidence keeps pouring in.  Systems Construction continues to up the ante when it comes to affordable, attractive, and sustainable building solutions.  As area representatives to Butler Manufacturing, we have a front row seat to some amazing new offerings and technologies offered by Butler and its parent company BlueScope Steel.

Rethinking Systems Construction

Systems construction is an approach to construction that has been available to building owners and developers for many years.  Also known as pre-engineered construction, systems construction offers surprising flexibility, sustainability, and value.  As this video shows, your construction options are limitless when using system construction with the bonus of enhanced sustainability, quicker construction schedules, and lower construction costs.   

Spring 2017 Building Profit Magazine

Butler Mfg continually produces examples of innovative uses of their pre-engineered system. Anderson Ashton - Design/Build has taken advantage of these innovations provided by Butler to include the recent release of SmartView.  SmartView looks at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a building which is a helpful tool to discerning owners who are not just interested in the "first cost" to construct, but also the cost to own their building over a period of time.  

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