Life Storage - St. Paul Ave, Milwaukee

Project Details
Brew City Storage
Anderson Ashton Design|Build

Located in an existing 7-story building next to Stone Creek Coffee and across the street from the Amtrak Intermodal Station in downtown Milwaukee, Life Storage is our first example of a multi-level self-storage building conversion.  Prior to the conversion, this building located on 5th and St. Paul was home to Iron Mountain Document Storage.  

This building presented many unique challenges starting with the fact that all 7 stories, when occupied by Iron Mountain, was wall to wall, floor to ceiling racks filled with boxes of documents.  With only one functioning 90 year old freight elevator doing all the work, removing these documents and the racks they rested on took many months.  Only when that work was complete were we able to full assess the true condition of this brick and concrete building.  

From a failing roof structure, to water damaged wood floors and broken underground sewer pipes, to the home of many many territorial gulls, this building was no walk in the park to convert to self-storage.  In the end however, this building has made an excellent location for self-storage given the growing residential rental market in downtown Milwaukee.