Sustainability Series

Natural Light

In our final sustainability and green building segment, Village of Rochester Treasurer Betty Novy reveals the environmentally-friendly feature her and her colleagues value the most in their new Designed to Achieve EnergySTAR building.

Green Building Guidance

Village of Rochester Treasurer Betty Novy shares how the guidance provided by Anderson Ashton was critical in making sustainable design and building choices suited for the Village’s unique needs and not just because they may have been nice to do features.

Improving Profitability through Sustainability

Going Green Without Wasting Green

Survey's taken of local executives and facility managers have found that many are interested in the idea of being "sustainable" or "green" but they are not interested in spending a lot to obtain those benefits. Many ideas offered up by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) while inspired, are often far fetched and usually priced beyond the limits of those companies looking for the "Green" edge.  

Life Cycle Assessments - Another way of looking at "Green".

Here is an excellent article that drills down into the concepts of sustainable design being more than sun shades, recycled carpet, and low V.O.C. paints. A recent article in Metalmag (an industry leading publication on all things metal) looks at the importants of Life Cycle Assessments and how they impact sustainable design. If your place of business happens to be in a pre-engineered building then you are a pioneer.

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