Is Your Company Green? Was it Cost Effective?

Today, more and more companies are feeling the pressure to advertise to their customers and clients that they are an environmentally conscience, "green" company, and if they haven't then you are being left way behind. The problem  with this is the lack of education and misleading information concerning the "green" movement and for that matter "global warming".

Brian Parrish, a good friend of Anderson Ashton's ran an online poll via LinkedIN several years ago asking the owners of businesses what they thought about going "green" and whether or not they would be willing to pay more, less, or the same to truly become a "green" company. The conclusion of the poll; businesses were willing to go "green" but not if it costs them additional money to do so.

On the surface this presents a potentially difficult challenge to those of us in the design and construction industry. Is it possible to deliver a "green" design and building that does not cost more?

Our answer to that question is yes, yes, and yes, especially in the case of industrial and manufacturing facilities.  But whether a facility is Industrial, Commercial Office, Commercial Retail, or whatever, going green without spending it is not as hard as you think. 






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