Village of Rochester - Village Hall Building Dedication Ceremony

Speach Notes:

I'm speaking on behalf of Bill, Jim and the entire staff of Anderson Ashton when I say thank you to the citizens of Rochester and to the elected officials of the Village Board for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Our experience on this project was very positive. Working closely with Paul and Ed, Chris, Betty, Sandy and the building committee we felt we were part of an intensely collaborative effort.

Art Installed in Rochester Village Hall Lobby – Final Installation

As a token of our appreciation Anderson Ashton presented a gift to the citizens of Rochester Anderson Ashton commissioned a custom piece of art from local artist Lynn Garwood which will be installed in the lobby of the new Village Hall. You may recognize the subject of the piece. At the request of the Village Board, Lynn was able to capture in oil, what has become a familiar image here in Rochester, WI.

The bald eagle, a recognized National symbol is depicted perched over the Fox River fixing its gaze on the water and most likely waiting for the first opportunity to do some fishing. Since the original photo was taken in 2009 by a resident of Rochester, the Bald Eagle has experienced a great resurgence and has been given a bright future since being removed from the endangered species list in 1995.

Custom plaque designed by Steve Wagner







Anderson Ashton is looking forward to a bright future for the Village of Rochester and we thank you for this opportunity to play a small roll in your vision of the future.

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