Simpler Times

But were they?

Given how unpredictable, uncertain, and unrelenting our day to day lives are, often we think about the bygone days when "times were simpler" and less hectic.

Then there is this movie clip shot in 1906 from the front of a street car on Market Street in San Francisco just 4 days before the great earthquake.  Look at all the activity.  People crossing the street with little regard to their own safety let along the safety of others. Bicycles and horses, cars and trucks, cats and dogs, dodging and weaving as they go about their daily lives.  


How simple were those times, really?

There is no profound message here other than to suggest that few things in life ever come ease.  To get places you have to put in the effort and take some changes.  Sort of like these gents participating in the 1937 addition of the Paris-Nice bicycle stage.  

 What some people will do for glory and a couple of bucks!



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