Redefining how we design and build buildings in Milwaukee

This is a topic that we have covered before but bears repeating. The best, most energy efficient, and cost effective solution to designing and building a building in SE Wisconsin is to go the pre-engineered route.

New technologies implemented by pre-engineered metal building suppliers means less wasted material and faster installation times.  

Pre-engineered means:

    • Technologies that insure all structural pieces fit together thanks to pre-punching of primary and secondary structurals and most recently through the use of BIM technology.

    • Pre-punching by Butler Mfg. means primary and secondary structurals go together quickly and effortlessly during the installation phase

    • BIM (Building Information Modeling) means that buildings are virtually built by the supplier (in our case Butler Manufacturing) prior to fabrication

    • BIM allows for the sharing of data across the domains of construction building the road map to a building

    • BIM resolves conflicts that can occur in the field before a building system ever leaves the plant

  • BIM insures faster project delivery, improved quality and lower costs
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