The Power of Video Testimonials

Video InterviewAnderson Ashton - Design/Build has embarked into the world of video testimonials.  This week several past customers have graciously agreed to sit in the hot seat under the lights of our more than capable camera man, and take questions from our public relations expert "SuperPear" Pam Kassner.  In all, six past Anderson Ashton customers took time out of their busy day's to provide invaluable content for and about our company.  

We are a small company, we are a gracious company, we are a company finally breaking the grips of our  "this is how we have done things for 50 years" mentality.  

Asking past customers to do these interviews was definitely outside our comfort zone, but as we wrap up the final interview this afternoon, word has it that our past customers have provided great content for the REVIEWS tab on our website, in future blog posts, as well as other topics relative to our Design/Build process.  


Has your company ever considered doing video testimonials?  If so, what was your experience going through the process with your past customers, and did you find this exercise to be as beneficial to your company as we feel it will be for ours?

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