Metal: Schools' Sustainable Roofing System of Choice

As published in the EDC Online Magazine in an blog posted by Rodger Russ, North American sales manager for the roof division of Butler Manufacturing. 

Making the Grade

Metal roofing is making the “green” grade at educational facilities across the United States. Key influencers—including school boards, administrators and facility managers—recognize that metal roofing is an environmentally responsible choice that contributes to their participation in green building certifications and paves the way to energy code compliance.

Steel is the most recycled material on Earth, and recycled steel is essential to many metal roofing systems. Metal roofing systems, when used in a tested assembly, can achieve a thermal efficiency rating of up to R-40, helping schools reach their sustainability goals and meet LEED and ENERGY STAR Cool Roof standards.

The "Cool" Factor of Metal Roofing

One of the most recent advancements in metal roofing is “cool,” highly reflective paint finishes, which help lower roof temperatures and, in turn, reduce the amount of energy required to cool the building. For schools in warmer climates and in urban areas, “cool” roofing also can mitigate the heat island effect which produces high relative temperatures that contribute to smog formation. School administrators, boards and facility managers should look for paint finishes with a high Solar Reflectance Index that have been approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council, an independent, nonprofit organization that maintains a third-party rating system for the radiative properties of roof-surfacing materials. 

Brining Light to Educational Facilities

Daylighting offered in conjunction with metal roofing systems continues to gain momentum at educational facilities. In expansive spaces at schools, such as gymnasiums and auditoriums, daylighting is an effective way to extend the day and add visual comfort for students and staff alike. The sustainable design technique harnesses the benefits of natural daylight, ranging from delivering energy savings to increasing student comfort.

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