Improving Profitability through Sustainability

Going Green Without Wasting Green

Survey's taken of local executives and facility managers have found that many are interested in the idea of being "sustainable" or "green" but they are not interested in spending a lot to obtain those benefits. Many ideas offered up by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) while inspired, are often far fetched and usually priced beyond the limits of those companies looking for the "Green" edge.  

Let's consider for a moment the "sustainable" or "green" solution of natural day-lighting. When it comes to commercial buildings, especially big box manufacturing facilities and retail centers, energy consultants are realizing the significant energy savings when day-lighting is introduced into a space.  The type of day-lighting being talking about is not from large expanses of wall glazing, rather through natural day-lighting that replaces the need manmade light fixtures.

Sunlite Strip Self-Curbing Daylighting System is one example of this type of natural day-lighting.  

Sunlite Strip Product Sheet

Sunlite Strip Roof picture

Introducing natural day-light into a building benefits everyone from employees and owners, to yes, even accountants.  Excluding salaries, lighting represents the single largest operating expense for building owners.  Independent studies have shown that daylighting alone increases same-store sales by 40% for one major local national retailer.  A good daylighting solution when combined with lighting controls can reduce lighting costs up to 70% by harvesting the free natural light provide by mother nature.  



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