How To Maintain Your Building - Exterior Paint

For years now, the structural building material of choice in southeastern Wisconsin for commercial and industrial buildings has been painted concrete block.  Whether people realize it or not, aside from company branding the most important reason for applying paint to concrete block is to protect the buildings interior from moisture.  

That being said, one thing I have noticed in my 35 plus years in the design/build industry is the general lack of attention many building owners pay towards the condition of their exterior paint. I liken it to the purchase of a new car.  Often we forget that just because a car is new, it doesn't mean we can skip changing the oil or checking the tire pressure.

Every other year a building owner or their facility manager should check a buildings caulk joints, caulk cracking, backer rods, weep rods, and condition of the paint (or sealer) for weather checking, cracking and adherence. 

If you would like information on our general paint specifications or other areas of general building maintenance, feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.  

David C. Miller - President