How to get the most out of a Pre-engineered Metal Building

Part 2 - Continuously Insulated Walls

The Energy Code for many States are becoming more stringent and that includes States like Wisconsin.  There will become a point in the near future where the only way to meet these new and more stringent energy codes will be by incorporating some form of a continuously insulated wall system.  Simply put, meeting new energy standards will mean building buildings with a continuous layer of insulation separating the interior from the exterior of a building. 

These future changes to the code may very well mean the rebirth of the pre-engineered metal building.  Sophisticated pre-engineered metal building companies like Butler Manufacturing have already created an affordable solution to these future continuous insulated wall requirements. 

Butler Manufacturing’s eStylwall and eShadowall wall panels are extremely energy efficient and extremely affordable when compared to traditional wall solutions.  Best of all, for existing pre-engineered buildings installing the eShadowall or eStylwall panels can add life to a building while greatly reducing the expense to heat and/or cool the space.  


eStylwall Flat

eStylwall Fluted


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