Architecture in Film making, the elegant power of the one-point perspective

As the digital age progresses, more and more movie producers are hiring architects and designers to create elaborate architectural landscapes, cityscapes, and skylines, many of which are filmed in three-dimensions and some that even fold upon themselves like in the movie Inception.  Computer aided architectural design has become an immensely powerful tool for the architect, or in the case of cinema the movie producer, to depict in realistic terms the un-built environment.   


Sadly, gone are the days of the drafting table, t-square, scale, and mechanical pencil.  The simplest form of painting a landscape or preparing an architectural rendering has always’ been the one-point perspective.  Most of us all learned this simple technique in grade school. 


Those who grasped the power of the one-point perspective often sought out careers in art or architecture and learned how to draw two and yes even three-point perspectives as a result.   In fact the famous architect Michael Graves recently wrote this article in the New York Times entitled Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing.


So this blog is dedicated to the power of the one-point perspective.  This rather amazing video of Stanley Kubrick film clips reveals one man’s obsession with the simple yet powerful one-point perspective. 

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