Architectural Modeling And The Design|Build General Contractor

From the beginning, models have served as a vital tool in an architect’s arsenal, helping a client visualize the architects design solution when ink on parchment could not. Models also came in handy when an architectural firms competed for large commissions, with many of these models becoming works of art.  Yet most design/build firms have steered away from model building over the years and why not, the design/build firms craftsmen were too busy building buildings where the real money is made?

Arch Model 1

 Arch Model 2 Arch Model 3

As time has gone by and as technology has improved, the art of model building has been replaced by the art of 3D modeling, and with breathtaking results.  This technology has also meant that the design|builder now has the ability to provide 3D modeling quickly and economically.  Thanks in large part to programs like Revit and Google SketchUp, the design|builder has the ability to compete for projects they may have otherwise not considered. 

Arch Model 4

A Design|build firm like Anderson Ashton is able to produce eye-catching detailed designs in much shorter time periods.  This allows for our clients to be more in tune with what their building will look right from the start making them feel more engaged with the process.  In fact, 3D models have been so helpful to our clients that it won’t be long before all our preliminary work will be done this way. 

Arch Model 5 Arch Model 6


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