Anderson Ashton Design/Build is pleased to announce our artist selection for the upcoming Rochester Village Hall building dedication ceremony on June 22nd, 2013.

Anderson Ashton Design/Build has selected the Racine County artist Mrs. Lynn Garwood ( to create an original composition in time for next month’s building dedication in Rochester, WI.  

Lynn Garwood

Highlighting a local artist’s work in a public building is just good practice.  We are taking this opportunity to not only thank or our client, the citizens of Rochester, WI for selecting Anderson Ashton Design/Build as Architect and Construction Manager, but also to highlight art as an extension of the practice of architecture.  Mrs. Garwood’s work will be installed in the commons area of the new Village Hall.  As architects and construction managers we appreciate that both art and building design exist in a parallel universe.  It was for this reason we chose to show our appreciation with art.  

As we all may know, in most public institutions, expenses allocated to art and design instruction rest atop a budget bubble and it is routinely called upon to justify its value in our community.  

Keeping in mind that every space we inhabit and every manufactured object we interact with was born inside a creative mind, we should have a natural impulsion to foster creative growth.  The house you live in, the fork you use at dinner, the electrical grid that stretches across the land first lived in the mind of a designer.  Therefore, the future of our communities may very well rely heavily on a healthy, vibrant, creative and inspired spirit.   

Like a flower, creativity, art and design requires tending, fostering, and to be fed in order to celebrate in its offerings.  If we neglect it, it withers and dies away.  So might the promises of a vibrant and inspired community.  

We believe Rochester, WI is a vibrant and inspired community and we at Anderson Ashton Design/Build are looking forward to presenting an original piece by Mrs Lynn Garwood to the citizens of Rochester, WI on Saturday June 22nd, 2013.


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