Anderson Ashton - Design/Build assists Gaco Western's Expansion in Waukesha

BizTimes of Milwaukee just published an article featuring one of our new clients Gaco Western of Waukesha, WI.  It is always great to see a company located in SE Wisconsin grow and create jobs.  It is equally gratifying to Anderson Ashton - Design/Build that we can be a part of Gaco's growth.  

This project offers us a terrific opportunity to provide our project and construction management expertise and skills to this 85,000sf expansion project.  Coordination will be the key in this project as we tackle working through a typical Wisconsin winter as we do not hold our breath for another mild winter like last season.  

We would also like to single out the tremendous efforts of Spectrum Engineering.  Spectrum was the design engineer and overall project manager for Gaco Western when they built their current facility in 2008/09.  They have assumed this same role for this project, and in our estimation have out done themselves for this significant expansion project.  We look forward to working with them on this and future projects.  

Check back for project updates as we press on with 85,000sf through a Wisconsin winter, should be exciting.