6 Reasons to Consider a Metal Roof

More evidence that a metal roof should be in your buildings future.  

Rodger Russ

When building owners were asked what matters most in roofing materials, they ranked service life and lifecycle cost first and second. Initial cost ranked ninth out of 10.

This finding from a study by Ducker Research Company on the lifecycle costs of low-slope roofing cut across the three major roofing material categories: metal, asphalt and single-ply.[i] The message is clear: building owners are looking for a roofing system that lasts for many years and saves money over the long term.

Experience demonstrates that a building’s roof system can account for 10% of total construction costs but up to 60% of total lifecycle maintenance costs. Of course, the lifecycle costs of roofing go beyond material and maintenance. Broadly speaking, the choice of a roofing system impacts energy consumption in categories including heating and cooling, lighting, feasibility of roof-mounted renewable energy, potential for government tax incentives and utility rebates, as well as the market value of the building itself.

Research and product testing, combined with in-the-field experience spanning four decades, make a strong case for standing-seam metal roof systems. These roof systems offer durability, low maintenance cost, and adaptability to current trends driving energy efficiency and sustainability in the commercial building sector.

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